Sunday, March 7, 2010

Grey Waters - Below The Ever Setting Sun EP

Sometimes a band and a release just come out of nowhere and simply take your breath away that it’s an obfuscating wonder as to why they dwindled in anonymity prior. Australia’s Grey Waters are one such band, laying down a hefty gauntlet with this, their debut EP Below The Ever Setting Sun.

First track proper, 'Say Goodbye' wastes no time dashing through its riffs which lead into some urgent sounding vocals. There are hooks here, plenty of them but still little in the way of compromise.

Below The Ever Setting Sun is a remarkably enriched and textured effort, as edified intensely on the title track. It’s a gorgeously layered listen and effortlessly draws on grand airs for its tremendous and extravagant climax. Meanwhile, 'The Truth In Your Eyes' is a seemingly calmer amble, gently gliding through its soothing riffs and vocal melodies.

Then closer, 'Broken' propels through heaving rocky verses before breaking down similar to the title track, but into breathtaking meanderings only to build and build once again towards a stunning conclusion.

Below The Ever Setting Sun, in a sparse five tracks, is an EP that will or at least should raise Grey Waters’ profile and interest in their impending debut album. An album that now is something you should most definitely endeavour to become immersed in.


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