Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Machine Head - Olympia Theatre, 28/2/10

Initially, The Black Procession tour’s line up was a slightly divisive one, with some disagreeing on Machine Head’s support line up. But when Scottish bruisers Man Must Die take to the stage to commence the proceedings all those reservations are dispelled. For a band that is largely unknown to the crowd, they come out all guns blazing. Their brutality and variety of breakdowns are wholly welcomed by those on hand and rallying up a Man Must Die chant in the given circumstances is no easy accomplishment.

Maintaining a similar tone, California’s metalcore finest Bleeding Through waste no time when front man Brandon Schieppati lunges into the front row. There’s no let up from their set as it’s all straight for a jugular, this seen by the rapturous response for tracks like 'Orange County Blonde And Blue' from last offering Declaration. But it’s Schieppati that’s the star of their set. He’s become a stronger front man in recent times and that’s encompassed in this short but sweet set. A deafening rendition of 'Kill To Believe' then wondrously closes their vicious performance.

Next though are Hatebreed who completely step it up a notch, in fact to a whole new level. Their time on stage in just straight up, no frills aggression as Jamey Jasta is on top form – his bellow as thunderous as ever. He effortlessly gets everyone involved with a myriad of fists pumping to be noticed up and down the venue. Whether it’s 'I Will Be Heard', 'Defeatist' or 'In Ashes They Shall Reap', the reception is the same every time, that of utter energy.

While every band so far slayed their sets and gave each other a massive run for their money, nothing could prepare anyone for Machine Head. Opening, unsurprisingly, with 'Clenching The Fists Of The Dissent' into pit friendly 'Imperium', the entire floor is plunged into chaos. Saying they’re on top form again is clichéd of course but it’s completely true. Tracks like 'Ten Ton Hammer' and live rarity 'Bite The Bullet' all sound equally punishing.

But it’s the variety of the set that really stands apart. The title track of The Burning Red sways all into a beautiful sombre mood, another rare airing. Meanwhile, 'Bulldozer', though a debateable choice fits in well. But it’s the mix of Machine Head’s finest old and finest new that makes the show – as 'Blood For Blood' and 'Beautiful Mourning' will attest.

Then, an encore of a rapturous 'Halo' and the as expected 'Davidian' has each throat ferociously shredding in unison of that now legendary lyric. Top to bottom, Machine Head simply owned this night. But is anything else to be expected at this stage?


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