Wednesday, March 21, 2012

New Black Monolith song to stream

California’s blackened d-beat outfit, Black Monolith will release a new EP called Passenger later this year, with no release date confirmed yet. However, the band is streaming a new song now called ‘Adhere’. What’s different straight away from the demo released last year is the length of this new song. It’s over eight minutes long, quite a breakaway from the one and a half minute or four minute bursts of fury on the demo. The track is a rumbling mammoth of dissonance from start to end, very much in the same vein as the demo but of course elongated, but not losing anyone’s interest in the slightest.

Black Monolith released their three track demo last year to much praise. Its devastating and caustic tracks were a crushing delight, and was definitely one of the most austere and belligerent hardcore demos released in 2011, up there with Hexis and Crows. The demo is still available for free download HERE.

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