Sunday, June 21, 2009

Woeful cover versions Pt.1

Fightstar – Breaking The Law
(Judas Priest)
Sometimes the worst thing a band can do when covering a tune is attempt to make it their own and Fightstar had the gall to do it with a Priest tune. Shrieky-Simpson-shitty-screamy vocals don’t work. Rob Halford is one of the greatest vocalists of all time and Fightstar pissed on that fact.

Lostprophets – Davidian
(Machine Head)
The guitar tone is terrible; the drumming is below par, even fucking up the drum intro. Ian Watkin’s vocals are awful, he hasn’t got the depth that Robb Flynn has that made “Davidian” such a powerhouse of a song. Drummer Ilan Rubin can’t keep up with the pace and the worst part is the god-awful gang vocals come “Let freedom ring…”. Fair play to a band of this nature to attempt something like “Davidian” but jesus, they made a miserable attempt.

I'll get around to doing good cover versions eventually

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