Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Fear Factory collapse?............. or well, no

As the newly reunited Fear Factory edged closer and closer to their first show many fans are greeted with disappointment and confusion. This band’s new incarnation featuring founders Dino Cazares and Burton C Bell with Gene Hoglan and Byron Stroud has already seemed to be falling apart.

It began with the band cancelling its first show back in Zaragoza, Spain last Sunday as well as their entire German tour. Legalities regarding the use of the Fear Factory name were cited as the supposed reason.

Things have now gone from bad to worse with FF cancelling their Sonisphere appearance on August 1st and 2nd initially and now, cancelling their Bloodstock show (14-16th Aug) – two highly anticipated shows from UK fans no doubt.

So, what does this mean for Fear Factory?

Dino Cazares has also lambasted Christian Olde Wolber (original bassist & subsequent guitarist) over “stealing” riffs that he could “sue” him for, obviously not literally (at least I hope he’s not going to pull a Satriani!!! I jest). I thought Dino had lost the big head with this reunion but, as it would seem, he has not.

As for the legalities, what legalities? Perhaps I’m completely wrong but with Fear Factory I assumed Bell had permission to use the name freely, particularly with Cazares on board. Are Olde and Ray Herrera (original drummer) kicking up a fuss?

And now! As I write this I’ve come across statement from Bell saying the shows have been postponed to concentrate on the new album!

Interesting, needless to say expectations for the album will be high and the whole point of this post has been slightly put off…. aw well!

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