Saturday, June 2, 2012

J Randall chips in on music fans today

Last night, J. Randall, the Agoraphobic Nosebleed vocalist and mastermind behind Grindcore Karaoke took to Twitter to have a wee rant about music fans today. For a man that dedicates his life to creating and spreading the word about some of the most extreme music there is, it’s interesting to see his take on some things in various demographics of music fans, specifically teenagers and college students. Here’s the transcript of tweets below and you can find his Twitter page HERE.

"Teenagers don't give a fuck about this music and don't need own music / records for identity -they just need to "like" it (on facebook)"

"Teenagers are content with listening to pop music, odd future and Trashtalk -they don't need to know nothing else to be cool"

"College students / 20 somethings are content with listening to club music / dubstep -they don't give a fuck about "EXTREME MUSIC" either"

"Instead kids putting on shows we have promoters like Scion A/V doing showcases / fests for all the 30-40 yr olds trying to relive something"

"What I'm getting at is the bubble has definitely popped and this extreme shit is mostly just a bunch of novelty acts for middle age ppl"

"OK I get it if your 20 something and your following me on twitter your on the fuckin' level -sorry, wish you weren't an endangered species"



  1. Says the guy with ZERO quality control...

  2. Granted. There's some woeful stuff on Grindcore Karaoke but definitely some gems to be found too.