Thursday, April 19, 2012

Justin K. Broadrick reveals Valley of Fear

Justin K. Broadrick has done it again and started another new project. That’s about 597,142 now, I think. Releasing his new electronic album under the pseudonym JK Flesh, Posthuman already this year, the Birmingham extreme metal legend has just released a new album with Valley of Fear, a collaborative project with Matthew Bower and Samantha Davies, better known as Skullflower.

‘Serpent’s Trail’ is the first salvo of the new self-titled album that you can listen to below. Inexorably rooted in noise, the track opens with a wave of caustic distortion before the semblances of drums become audible, followed by crunchy guitar soundscapes, which build and build in intensity. Sans vocals, Valley of Fear appears to be another Broadrick project where he explores the fine lines between music and noise.

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