Thursday, May 5, 2011

New Job for a Cowboy track

There are people still bitching about deathcore and the ilk, yeah? Right, this should either boil your blood or excite your loins then. Job for a Cowboy, one of the genre’s ‘leaders’, have released a new track online entitled, ‘Misery Reformatory’. You can listen to the track on Metal Blade’s Soundcloud page now or down below.

The new EP, Gloom, will be their third release for Metal Blade. 2007’s Genesis was actually a very strong effort that didn’t deserve as much flak that it did. However, 2009 follow up Ruination, written and released after the departure of guitarist and (to our best knowledge) one of the chief songwriters Ravi Bhadriraju, sat idle. Simply put, Ruination was weak and predictable.

‘Misery Reformatory’ is certainly nothing to run out on the streets in the nip about, preaching the word of Job for a Cowboy – it’s formulaic and again, predictable but has more bite and vigour and actually maintains one’s interest for its duration.

Also, is Gloom meant to be some kind of accompaniment to their debut EP Doom, or is that overthinking the rhyming bit too much?

Job for a Cowboy "Misery Reformatory" by Metal Blade Records

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