Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sickener tracks online

After some, dare we say, hype, Sickener have released two tracks online, at last. If you frequent this page then you are likely to be familiar with Sickener after some impressive live reports of the fresh Dublin grindcore band. The two new tracks, ‘Ego vs. Reality’ and ‘Drinking from the Cesspool can be heard on their blog page or down below.

Simply put, the two tracks are feral as fuck with vocals that can only described as revolting. A very impressive start with these two tracks.

Ego Vs. Reality by Sickener Drinking From The Cesspool by Sickener

Sickener are playing The Lower Deck on Friday April 29th with Polish hardcore band The Bold And The Beautiful, Easpa Measa and This Tongue Is Poison.

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