Friday, December 24, 2010

New Cloudkicker track

Yep, that’s right. There’s just no stopping Ben Sharp this year, and to cap it all off he’s released this Christmas track – ‘You And Yours’. Released for free download on his bandcamp page, it’s accompanied by the note, “Merry Christmas! Thank you all so much for the insane amount of positivity and support this year.”

The vibe of ‘You And Yours’ is a little moodier in tone on this occasion and gently ambling for the most part until it winds down to a placid closing. It’s a slight departure from the usual schizophrenic riffing and the name of the song aside there isn’t exactly anything that characterise this as a Christmas tune.

Beacons and ]]][[[ / A New Heavenly Body, released earlier in 2010, were two sublime listening experiences and it’ll be interesting to see what Ben Sharp has in store for 2011.

HERE to download ‘You And Yours’.

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