Friday, August 20, 2010

New Löbo track & demo download

Portugal’s finest purveyors of experimental doom, traversing at a snail’s pace, Löbo have popped up again following on from the release of their simply stunning EP Alma.

The new track, ‘Nöite’ was recorded during the Alma sessions, which is heard vividly in its 8 minutes. It works with a mellower vibe, something that delivered greatly on the EP in between colossal, crashing doom and drone riffs. Its electronics are utterly hypnotic and engrossing to boot. Löbo have begun work on their first full length album now and of course, it’s more than something to look forward to.

The band have also re-released their Dânaca demo from 2008. For quite some time it was difficult to track down online – no more, it is available for free download. Click HERE to avail of these new servings from Löbo.

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