Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Must get this off my chest

Granted I’m guilty of slagging bands and you mightn’t think it but it’s something I try to avoid. Come on, I’d rather write about something I love! But now there’s a new “breakthrough” band, you may have heard about them as they’re now on a major label, Universal in fact. They’re called Hollywood Undead. Being frank there’s a lot of god awful bands out there, we all have our hates. I believe it’s fair to say that regardless of your musical persuasion if someone said name five bands you think are shit you could recite those bands and more in a heartbeat. Now, top of that list for me is Hollywood Undead.

Donning masks and some bad ass shades and bandanas these wanks produce shit packed rapcore. That name rapcore honestly makes me cringe, sure melding rap with rock or metal seemed like a bad idea but Rage Against The Machine made it look ok but then the dirty side of nu-metal raised its ugly head. Moving on… it’s truly heart breaking when you look at a band and know instantly that you don’t want to listen to them. Unfortunately that was the case with Hollywood Undead but I did listen to them, I watched the video for “Undead” from their album Swan Songs. I’ll never get those minutes back.

I think I almost felt genuine physical pain when listening to it. It’s stuffed full of immature lyrics, like something scrawled on a whiny thirteen year old’s note book, someone who thinks they’re sticking it to the haters. Stuff like you don’t know what it’s like to be a gangsta… jesus I honestly can’t gather the words to describe its idiocy. Also, it’s an x-rated video with a load of topless women dancing around these fucktards. The video more than likely will just make you laugh at them.

Plus, I think they idolise Slipknot a little too much, I’ve heard them defend their masks but seriously they’re going for a shock factor, which fails horribly – the only shock factor here is the sheer shitness of their music.

This is my debt to society; don’t waste even a second of your life listening to Hollywood Undead. I’m guessing if they ever read this, which they more than likely won’t (but let’s just say they do), they’d be pretty pissed off. You guys say you better “watch what you say” in your lyrics. Yeah? Well, I do watch what I say; I calculate what I say, so put very simply so that even you can understand: your band is awful.

PS. If you're a fan and have been offended, give me a decent response, I'd be interested in hearing it. But if all you have is something asinine and just plain stupid to say then don't bother... just don't bother

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