Friday, February 15, 2013

Stream: Njiqahdda's Initiation

Njiqahdda have released a new EP entitled Initiation, which is the swift follow-up to the stunning Serpents in the Sky album released in early January. The new EP is streaming in full below. Initiation very much picks up where Serpents in the Sky left, albeit shorter, with melodic but sludgy riffs but also clean eerie vocals complemented by throat scratching bellows. At the same, there are moments on here that see the band touch on their neo-folk leanings once again on ‘Skyadh (I & II)’ with solemn acoustic guitars somewhat reminiscent of the Disciples of Flame (Agni Yoga) album.

This is the second release in a row from the hugely prolific band that has eschewed the black metal of previous releases and it hints to more and more interesting things down. Seeing as we’re only halfway through February at this point and there’s already been two Njiqahdda records already, not to mention their alter egos Oaks of Bethel, it’s hard to imagine we’ll be kept waiting long to hear what they do next. 

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