Monday, September 3, 2012

Cloudkicker: "Leftovers" from Fade

Having only released his latest album, the rather incredible, Fade, Ben Sharp, better known as Cloudkicker, has posted some “leftover” recordings of various riffs that didn’t make it on to the album. Named simply by the date they were conceived, these recordings detail some of the ideas that were floating about. It’s easy to see why some of these riffs were scrapped, simply not being up to scratch with some of the monster tunes found on Fade. However, it makes for interesting listening, having already digested the end product.

   Fade Idea - January 5, 2012 by Ben Sharp

   Fade Idea - January 19, 2012 by Ben Sharp

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   Fade Idea - February 3, 2012 by Ben Sharp

   Fade Idea - March 8, 2012 by Ben Sharp

   Fade Idea - March 24, 2012 by Ben Sharp

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