Thursday, July 12, 2012

Vaccine post new songs, add Irish dates

Vaccine released their EP Crimes in Blood back in early 2011 and it actually feels like a lifetime since then. But of course the band have been pretty busy touring wise but now there’s some new material to tuck into, as well as some European tour dates announced, which includes stops in July in Dublin (27th) and Cork (28th), venues TBC. *Two splits 7”s are in the works, a split with Coke Bust, and another called Dead Inside and here are two tracks from the respective releases. Both are of course short caustic slabs of powerviolence, not much to say, just listen. (Thanks to Toxicbreed for the tip, click HERE for the rest of the European dates)
*amendment, July 15th

Photo: Reid Haithcock


  1. the other 7" besides the Coke Bust split is actually a 10 song record called "Dead Inside", not a split with a band called Dead Inside. And according to a post today elsewhere, the Irish dates look like they might not be happening

  2. Dublin - Fibbers on the 27th, Cork Freds on the 28th