Thursday, January 14, 2010

New Eluvium tracks

Matthew Cooper, better known under the pseudonym of Eluvium will release its 5th studio album of enriched, textured and elegant ambience at the end of February, entitled Similes. The two new tracks are “Leaves Eclipse The Night” and “The Motion Makes Me Last”. The former can be heard below and the other on the Eluvium myspace HERE.

The one instantly notable aspect of these new servings is the inclusion of Cooper’s vocals, residing along the piano led ambience. On both tracks his voice, though not spectacular, lends a hypnotising and haunting air to his usual atmospheric wanderings. The addition of vocals may alienate some older fans but will certainly open himself up to a whole new audience. Regardless of that, these two fresh numbers have a startlingly relaxing element which only raises the bar for the release of Similes.

Similes will be the follow up to 2007’s Copia and 2008’s Miniatures, the only album he has released under his real name. Cooper has also scored the Matt McCormick directed film Some Days Are Better Than Others.

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