Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Woeful cover versions pt.2

It’s been a while since I’ve bitched about dire covers. So, here’s pt.2 of Woeful Cover Versions!

Sign – Run To The Hills
(Iron Maiden)
In two seconds the song is immediately deemed terrible. As soon as that anaemic little voice comes in on this horrendously modified version of “Run To The Hills” you know this is going to be painful. Take my advice and just don’t even attempt to listen to it. It would make any Maiden fan hurl.

Avril Lavigne – Fuel
Thankfully, it was never recorded, only played live at MTV Icon: Metallica. I look at “Fuel” as a diamond in the rough, a great song from an overall dull period in the Metallica discography. So, for Avril Lavigne to desecrate it with her ghastly insipid voice was just disgusting, but the worst part is that Metallica liked it!

Gym Class Heroes – Laid To Rest
(Lamb Of God)
Ok, I’m just having a laugh with this one. It’s awful (and they only partially play it) and I hate Gym Class Heroes but even I think that this was funny:
“Laid To Rest” starts at 1.20

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