Monday, May 18, 2009

New tracks round-up

Ok, these are some new tracks released in the last month or so:

Dream Theater - A Rite Of Passage (from: Black Clouds & Silver Linings)

One I was particularly looking forward to hearing. It's quite distinct as a Dream Theater track, the main riff is just brilliant but the highlight is the chorus, James LaBrie's vocals are on top form. The solo again isn't too crazy different, it's classic Petrucci soloing. Great song.

In This Moment - Forever (from: The Dream)

I've never thought too much of In This Moment, the first time I heard them was the title track from Beautiful Tragedy. I felt it was a decent track but they got a lot of shtick for the album. Turns out a lot their stuff sounds quite the same. "Forever" isn't much different but it's still quite catchy, nothing to get excited about by any means but certainly not cringe-worthy.

Shining - Pl├ągoande O'helga Pl├ągoande and Vilseledda Barnasjlars Hemmavist

Two new tracks from the controversial black metallers new album Klagopsalmer. I must say I'm really liking these new tracks, particularly "Plagoande..." which features some clearer singing from Kvarforth oppossed to his previous throaty croon. They play on the same premise as their other material. However there is a much cleaner production quality than that on The Eerie Cold and Halmstad. If these two tracks are only tasters than the new album should be very good indeed. Still no details as to when the album is going to be released though.

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