Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Underrated band of the week

As I mentioned my most frequent blog was on underrated band or album or whatever. To catch up I'm going to post them all at once. Here's the first:

Despite by revered by the underground and prog diehards Cynic have remained largely overlooked by mainstream metal media. Until recently their sole release, 1993’s Focus was hailed as a masterpiece and rightfully so. To say it was before it’s time would be the understatement of the century. Never before had a band incorporated jazz, fusion and vocoder vocals into a progressive death metal record before.

After an untimely break-up and much anticipation the band reformed for a few shows and would eventually release new opus Traced in Air in 2008. Compared to Focus, Traced In Air was like night to day. The albums are quite different while still remaining very much Cynic. To use a cheesy line, the album really takes you on a journey. From opener “Nunc Fluens/The Space For This” to “Integral Birth” to closer “Nunc Stans” one shall be left retrieving their jaw from the floor.

Now back touring full time after a successful show at Wacken and tour with Opeth, Cynic return to the road with Meshuggah in the US in February. Now’s the best time to get into Cynic.

Recommended album: Traced In Air

Originally posted: 5th January 09

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