Monday, March 9, 2009

Some interesting news I read today

Iron Maiden played in Bogota, Colombia on Saturday where 111 fans were arrested prior to the show. The fans, who didn’t have tickets, attempted to gate crash the gig. Cops used tear gas on the riot after rocks were thrown.
There’s been no response from Maiden yet.

Also reading Metal Hammer’s website today I found that Black Sabbath are to be disgraced in the form of H&M t-shirts. Fantastic, now those fuckheads wearing sparkling Ramones and Stones shirts who can’t name more than one song can add the mighty Sabbath to their wardrobes.

Also read today that Metallica cancelled a show in Stockholm last night (8th March) due to James Hetfield being ill. On that note tickets for the Marlay Park gig go on sale tomorrow. I read on Blabbermouth that he’s been released from hospital and that it was just food poisoning.
Trouble have entitled their new album The Dark Riff; brilliant title if I may say so.

Looking around some bands’ sites today I found the artwork for Chimaira’s forthcoming album The Infection.

Thank you for reading....

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